Friday, June 20, 2008

Progress, Progress, Progress!

Behold, the fruits of my pixel editing labor. These are three key characters to the story. The first is Reckir, the protagonist. Second, we have Hayato, his best friend and fellow hunter. Last, we have Emil, a miner and Reckir's rival.

In other news, I've been grinding out other charsets for NPC's and planning out their dialog. The maps are about 95% done for the demo, just need to do some more interiors and then place "Scenic" NPC's. The core story and events for Chapter 1 are already done and implemented, just need to bug test and fix any bugs that have come up. In short, I'm on schedule and the demo should be ready by mid-july, late july if I take my sweet time.

I'll be keeping the details of the story completely under wraps, as I'd prefer to surprise the player via gameplay instead of sharing spoilers so early on in production. The only thing I'll share is it is a tale of overcoming your faults, and becoming strong. Reckir will be put through hell, and must climb up over the problems that occur and become a stronger man; or fail in the process.

Stay tuned!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Character Bio Update! Reckir!

Name: Reckir
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Class: Swordsman

Personality: He's quick to anger and easy to taunt. He has a strong sense of right and wrong but he is reckless in his pursuits. He often rushes into a situation without any plan, doing things as he goes along.

Biography: A hunter for his village and a member of the Sollus Clan. His mother died as a child during a storm that brought his best friend and worst rival to his island. Only one other hunter aside from he provides fresh game to the village. Tired of the fame his father gives him, he tries to make a name for himself through his own actions. He is incredibly fond of his sister despite her constantly chastising him for his temper.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Grand Opening.

Although "Grand" may be a bit kind in describing the opening of this humble blog, it will serve for now. Here, at KytoSoft Studios I shall share with you bits and pieces of my project: a homebrew 2D RPG for the PC. Screenshots, videos (maybe), artwork, music, and eventually links to download and play this culmination of free time and imagination.

At present I am working on a demo that covers the first of 35 chapters in this somewhat lengthy tale of swords, demons, and other fanciful creatures that shall (when this project is completed) be the likes of which you haven't seen before, or at least not in a very long time. The demo will offer at least an hour (maybe two) of game play as well as a sizable area to explore and enjoy.

In this story I'm attempting to achieve a level of detail that would stomp around in the shadow of Tolkien's level of detail for his own universe. I'd even dare to say rival that level of dedication and imagination, but only time will tell on that. And I'd hate to wave the flag of arrogance so early on in your visit. Of anything, I can only assure you that it will be fun, it will be an homage to the old school 2D RPG's of old, and you will enjoy it.

At present the only one working on this project is I, Paul Walker. Although with time, hopefully there are those who would lend a helping hand with art, music, or other aesthetic and artistic ventures. I only admit to an affinity with writing and designing games. But enough of that! You're likely wishing I'd shut up and get to the point about the game, aren't you?

Very well, the game will take place over 35 chapters as I've said before. And, I will either release the game in "Episodes" of a handful of chapters, or I shall release the entire project as one large lump of RPG goodness. I shall include a large array of features and locations to visit and explore, as well as tasks that either pertain to the main storyline or just let you dive a bit deeper into the universe I've created.

Until then, please comment with any questions or comments. I shall brew up some screenshots and a premise to share with you, as well as some info and art about my characters.

Thank you for reading.